How to play:

Activity 1 – “Street Vote” – 10 points per house

– Vote for your street here and win 10 easy points with no other commitments. 

Activity 2 – “Early Adopter” – 20 points per house

– Did you already go solar? We will award your street 20 points for preexisting panels.

Activity 3 – “Get Solar Assessed” – 20 points

– Each home that completes a free home solar assessment from SunPower by EmPower receives 20 points for their street. 

Activity 4 – “Get Energy Audited” – 20 points

– Complete a NYS energy audit through EmPower + LI GreenHomes and you will receive 20 points towards your street total. 

Activity 5 – “Go Solar” – 30 points

–If you sign on to go solar your street will receive 30 points. 

–Equal points earned despite whether you lease, do a $0 finance or purchase your solar system

5 Bonus points: Children’s poster “What Long Beach looks like 100% by renewables”

5 Bonus points:  Social media post “Our house is contributing to an energy independent future.”

Full contest rules:

  • Teamwork and block captains encouraged! Email to become a captain.
  • Contest opens April 1st and ends July 4th, 2017. All activities must be completed during contest window.
  • One vote/entry per household. Each home may only participate once.
  • Assessments and audits must be scheduled by the homeowner.
  • Open to single family homes only.
  • Homes on Beech and Park between New York and Nevada can choose an adjacent state street team to join.
  • Solar activities must be coordinated through SunPower by EmPower Solar to qualify.
  • EmPower Solar reserves the right to deny participation to any home for any reason.
  • By voting, you agree to receive communication from SunPower by EmPower Solar. Participants may opt-out at any time.
  • Prizes and street grants issued to Block Captain directly. Street must vote on use of street grants.
EmPower solar is the sponsor and organizer of this contest. When making any energy improvements or additions to your home, we always recommend getting multiple assessments and doing your research to ensure you are getting the best possible energy solution for your home.